Here’s Why You Are Grilling It Wrong – Expert Chefs Share The Worst Grilling Mistakes Ever!

This is the pro way of grilling

We have here tips that will help you level up from amateur to pro griller!

For a lot of people, Memorial Day weekend means that it is an indication that summer is officially – here!

It is thus the best time to go on a beach trip, pool time, day drinking, and some cookouts.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when grilling is the fact that they are not giving the grill enough time to heat up. When you get the coals started you have to allow them to heat up for at least 30 minutes.

You have to allow the coal to burn off the dark black exterior and allow that white-hot appearance to surface before you can truly use it to barbecue or grill.

A lot of grills have their lower and upper vent. To get your grill started, you want them to be wide open for they need a lot of oxygen to light them up.

Finally, before you grill or barbecue your meat, it is recommended that you allow it to come up to room temperature rather than just slapping an icy slab of beef over the open-flames. This is crucial if you want even cooking. It will easily cook if your meat is at room temperature and it will receive even temperature through and through.

Over-marinating doesn’t help. An established chef explains that getting your chicken legs, pork chops, and other meat overly marinated will not get you the best results. It would even destroy the natural flavor of meat. This is why you don’t often see marinated filets on menus – that cut is already super tender, with a natural meaty flavor. Adding in too much flavor makes your meat lose its natural savory flavor.

Lastly, depending on the cut of meat, marinating with too much salt can as a matter of fact leach the moisture out, resulting in a dry, shriveled bite.

Avoid this by following these guidelines from the experts and in no time at all you will surely be a pro in outdoor cookouts!

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